The Side Hustle Activator Show

Brian Scudamore - Building a $400M+ Home Services Empire With Just $700

April 28, 2021 Jay Ho Season 2 Episode 1
The Side Hustle Activator Show
Brian Scudamore - Building a $400M+ Home Services Empire With Just $700
Show Notes

Brian built a home services empire starting with just $700 in 1989.

In this in depth interview he shares the value of:

  • The Beer and BBQ test when hiring employees.
  • Why having that Willing to Fail Attitude is key.
  • What he took away from being on Oprah. That you should only have things in your life that are significant, meaningful and useful.
  • Why he had to get out of his own way as the business got larger.
  • Why connecting with people is his favourite part of the business.
  • Why comparison to other entrepreneurs put himself in a doom loop and how we got out of it.
  • When you’re trying to solve a creative problem, go to a creative place.
  • How he lost some people when he shared his vision but those that remained believed in what they were building together.
  • Why having people who believe in the business is the most important element to help it grow and thrive.
  • It’s easier for people to accomplish what they want in the world, if they knew how easy it was to just reach out and ask.
  • How he had to make a tough decision to fire his best friend who helped him grow the business from $2 million to just over $100 million.
  • How WOW 1 Day Painting became one of the emerging brands after Brian had an amazing experience with getting his house painted in 1 day.
  • How Shack Shine became an emerging brand after Leigh Adler from WOW referred a gutter cleaning company to Brian.

    This interview with Brian is the culmination of a dream I had 9 years ago with starting a podcast and meeting the world’s most influential entrepreneurs. After 3 podcast mics and many non-starts I finally had the confidence to execute on my idea and make it happen. When I moved back to Canada last July I had to find a job and go into quarantine. 

    During quarantine, I decided then that I would finally start a podcast and I ended up getting hired at 1-800-Got-Junk? As a residential sales agent. When I first started I remember hearing about 101 life goals, which is an employee facing bucket list website where set your goals and get tips as you go.