The Side Hustle Activator Show

11 Tips to Build a Six Figure Side Hustle

May 19, 2021 Jay Ho Season 2 Episode 3
The Side Hustle Activator Show
11 Tips to Build a Six Figure Side Hustle
Show Notes

Episode 1 - $224,923 in 90 Days: Dropshipping with Kyle Borawski

Go to Youtube
Ask Questions and reach out to people who have done what you want to do
Mess around in Shopify
Use the 14 day Shopify trial
Go to Thiev

Episode 2 - Becoming Sydney's Top Rated Coach with Scott Epp

Service based entrepreneurs will face challenges
You have to pivot
Encourage to awaken the wild lion within you
Find your tribe, your community that brings out the best in you
Episode 3 - How to Earn $30-50 an Hour Picking up Litter with Brian Winch

Passion - enjoy
Patient - things aren't going to happen over night
Persistent - it comes from working your business. If you work your business, the business will work for you

Episode 4 - Why Purpose Trumps Opportunity with Chin Hing Chang

Build a business around you as an entrepreneur
At the end of the day build a business that you enjoy
Start from that and then figure out what needs to be in the business and how you're going to do it

Episode 5 - From 0 to 17,000 LinkedIn Followers Within One Year with Celeste Ansell

You as an individual are unique in your skill set and embrace who you are as a person share that from a genuine place.

Episode 6 - $25,000 a Month Loan Signing Agent with Connor Brown

Start before you feel you are ready
When you are ready go direct instead of staying with a loan signing service

Episode 7 - From Side Hustle to the Dragon's Den and Beyond with Wendy Ambruster

Don’t be afraid to hire your first person
It frees you up to do what you’re good at
Work on the business not in the business

Episode 8 - Freelancer to $50 Million Dollar Clients with John Norra

You need to delve into advertising
You have to passionate
Things are changing so fast with FB ads
It can grow from a side hustle to a full time job

Episode 9 - Rising Up For Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with Manpreet Dhillon

As a side hustle you still have a role to play in equity, inclusivity and diversity.

Episode 10 - How to Buy One Property a Year with Gary Jenkins

Have a good solid goal
Conquer Fear
You either live out of love or fear
Reduce fear
Optimism that I can do this!

Episode 11 - $25,000 Christmas Lights Hustle with Scott and Jude

Just Do It
Take Action
If you just put it out there people will definitely come to you
Being able to put faith in yourself
If somebody else can do it, you can do it as well